Is it expensive?

At Online-mastering we have strong commitment to provide superior audio mastering at a fair valued price. We don’t offer any off-the-shelf processing. Every single master is created carefully and individually. Asking our customers, our prices are absolutely competitive in relation to the quality we deliver.

Easy Pricing Model

Our prices are all-inclusive. Just reasonable flat rates per track, instead of complicated pricing models based on title duration or studio hours. No hidden costs or surcharges. Even instrumental versions and radio edits are included in the mastering fee, as long as the mix matches the original sound-wise.

Satisfaction Guarantee offers audio mastering services with satisfaction guarantee. As a new customer, you can get a mastering demo for a little service charge of 25,00 Euros. We promise: We work on your master till it’s right.

Convenient & Secure Payment

Our service is commited to highest levels of privacy and convinience. We offer payment by credit card, PayPal or traditional remittance, while satisfying highest security standards. Be sure: your audio files and personal data are safe against third party access at any time.

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