CD Mastering Benefits

Four things you should know about online mastering

  1. Is there a difference between a traditional mastering facility and a web service that offers audio mastering online?
  2. Why does good CD mastering make all the difference?
  3. What services can I expect when I send my tracks to a professional audio mastering studio?
  4. Why should I use to get my music mastered?

Professional CD mastering (or vinyl mastering if the music is to be released on vinyl) is the final stage of music production, its purpose being to prepare the audio for replication and/or digital distribution (e.g. through iTunes).

Many people believe that music mastering has an air of the esoteric, or that it is a kind of voodoo, and that it is therefore not necessary for their own audio projects. Others think of mastering as no more than a matter of bringing the music’s volume up to the desired level. In their opinion this is an easy thing, so easy in fact, that they feel they can do it themselves in their own project studio. These are the people who would say that audio mastering services are not worth spending any money on.

But the truth tells a different story: good music mastering can make all the difference between a good and a fantastic sounding recording. CD mastering generally brings about dramatic improvements in terms of overall sound quality, and it makes a recording sound more professional, better balanced, and simply sweeter to the ear. It is certainly more than just a matter of altering the music’s perceived loudness. And you can be sure that it is a highly complex task, requiring a well-trained mastering engineer with sensitive hearing and years of experience, working in an acoustically enhanced studio, evaluating the music on a superior monitoring system, using highly advanced analog and digital mastering equipment to enable an audio recording to realize its full sonic potential.

Without exception, every commercial CD released by a major label was mastered professionally before it went into production. Even recordings done in the best and most expensive studios are sent off to a professional CD mastering facility once the mixing process is completed.

Why? Simply because proper music mastering is an essential stage in creating flawless productions (e.g. PMCDs) for replication, and – even more importantly – professional CD mastering enhances and finalizes music productions sonically in exciting and agreeable new ways.

Properly mastered music sounds bigger, more transparent and more dimensional, it packsmore punch, has a bigger impact, and increases clarity and vocal intelligibility, resulting in an accurate low end and crisp and shining highs. In short: the music has that commercial feel that all artists, bands and producers are aiming for.

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