Mastering Studio Comparison

Four things you should know about online mastering

  1. Is there a difference between a traditional mastering facility and a web service that offers audio mastering online?
  2. Why does good CD mastering make all the difference?
  3. What services can I expect when I send my tracks to a professional audio mastering studio?
  4. Why should I use to get my music mastered?

To be honest, depending on who you work with, the answer is yes and no. As the web offers unlimited possibilities to everyone, every little budget studio with an internet connection can offer some kind of online audio mastering service. Even a home producer could set up a website offering online music mastering. So, as the client, you should check very carefully what kind of company you are going to be dealing with.

You would be well advised to read the information on the studio’s website very thoroughly. What services do they offer exactly? What is the price range for online mastering? Do they work at an hourly rate or do they have a fixed rate per track? How long have they been in the business? What kind of audio processors and mastering gear do they use? Do they work with digital mastering software only or do they use analog outboard gear as well? Do they offer a mastering demo, so that you can check the results before making any payments? Do they have pictures of their mastering studio on their website?

Consider all these things very thoroughly. A company that offers ultra exclusive high-end audio mastering online, with the finest analog and digital tools, for just $9.99 per track, can be nothing but a fake.

Professional music mastering is and will always be a complex task. It takes time, needs the well-trained ears of an experienced mastering engineer, a professional listening environment with an acoustically optimized room, and a mastering-grade monitoring system, plus lots of expensive analog and digital mastering tools. Take all of this into account when you are searching the web for a truly professional service that will master your music properly.

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