Why Online Mastering Studio

Four things you should know about online mastering

  1. Is there a difference between a traditional mastering facility and a web service that offers audio mastering online?
  2. Why does good CD mastering make all the difference?
  3. What services can I expect when I send my tracks to a professional audio mastering studio?
  4. Why should I use Online-mastering.com to get my music mastered?

Online-mastering.com is a high-end music mastering facility that serves over 1000 clients in more than 50 nations. It is neither a cheap web service nor an automated system, but a cutting-edge audio mastering studio that focuses on working with clients over the internet.

The only difference between a traditional audio mastering service and Online-mastering.com is the studio’s unique web interface, which offers customers around the globe easier and more convenient access to professional music mastering online.

Our company’s web-based system speeds up the data exchange between the mastering studio and its clients, it accelerates the order process and incorporates direct methods of communication. Nevertheless, the music mastering process itself is still done with great care by an experienced mastering engineer, in a sonically enhanced mastering studio.

Unlike some competitors, Online-mastering.com offers high-end audio mastering at fixed flat rates per track, with all additional mixes included (as long as they still correspond with the original mix).

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