Tinkara, Slovenia

Andrea F is a producer, mixer, engineer and songwriter, living and working in Slovenia and Italy. He mixed Slovenian chartbreaker Tinkara, mastered by

I discovered online mastering Germany browsing the web for online, quick turnaround, mastering services. And what I got not only met and surpassed my expectations, but also beats the hell out of most mastering services you can get, ANYWHERE in the world, including the biggest names – and I’ve worked with quite a few. Their team will offer you the living, loud-sounding proof of what plugins just cannot achieve, and of why it is always a good idea to have the audio mastering handled by a fresh pair of creative, expert ears, with REAL analog and digital mastering equipment and a true reference monitoring – their results are world-class, loud, carefully done, precise, clean when they need to be, powerful when they have to be.

Not only that, the system they have developed for their online mastering website, upload, evaluation of master, payment and download is fast, easy & efficient – it even includes instrumentals & backing tracks for the same, absolutely honest price, there is NO rip off, and you deal with real people, friendly & enthusiastic. Myself, my artists & clients, record labels from EMI to BMG to independents: all satisfied, without a single complaint. I don’t know what else they could do better – perhaps have supermodels deliver the masters to our doorstep?? 😉

Sascha Paeth, Germany

Producer Sascha Paeth, one of the biggest names in the metal scene, has tried Online-mastering with a track from the new Avantasia album, produced and mixed in his well known Gate Studios.

Recently I tried the audio mastering service from I sent them a track from the latest Avantasia album which I recorded, produced and mixed. I was very keen on hearing the results, as my mixdowns are often very packed, very dense, with lots of things going on. I knew this was not an easy job at all.

What I got back was absolutely convincing. The master from Online-mastering surprised me with a well-shaped low-end, punchy mids with nice in-your-face guitars, crisp highs and a main vocal, that really jumps out of the speakers, their engineer also did a fantastic job on bringing out all these little details hidden in the mix. The stereo field got some extra dimension and the whole track received more clarity and depth. On top the turnaround time was much faster than I expected. I got my demo within two days! The whole online mastering team was very friendly and easy to work with. It was a good decision to give them a try. Online-mastering will surely be my mastering studio of choice for any future productions. Heavily recommended!

Eden James, UK

Eden James is a popular player among the UK electroclash scene. He asked to deliver the final touch for his lastest album.

I am very happy to recommend the online audio mastering studio to anyone wishing a first-rate cd mastering service at affordable prices. My finished master sounded exceptional, absolutely fantastic and matched my reference tracks 100% exactly. The communication between service and customer was also impressive. Nothing was missed. A team of true audio mastering experts. A high quality service I will definitely use again.

Haris C, Cyprus

DJ & Producer Haris C from Cyprus is a rising star in the uplifting trance genre. He runs his own radio show and his productions were hammered by the biggest names of the scene.

I have started using since 2006 for all of my songs and musical needs. I have tried many mastering studios before I found and there was always something missing – until the day I have discovered their service.

In my opinion is probably the best place to get your music mastered properly. Their quality in sound is just unbelievable, warm with the correct dynamics, their fast & friendly service is amazing and finally the price makes the package unbeatable. always helped to get out the maximum out of my mixes. Sometimes I have even sent reference tracks and their engineers perfectly understood how I wanted my music to sound like and -of course- they managed to do that 100%. Inside the club and in my radio shows my tracks stand out perfect.

Since then all of my producer friends & labels that I collaborate with are asking me where I got my tracks mastered. I always suggest them to try the audio mastering service of Lots of them didn’t believe me until they have tried it for themselves. In the end they were all convinced.

So if you are looking for value for money and quick and reliable place for professional audio mastering online, there is only one service I recommend and that is

illu_satisfactionguaranteeFree Trial: Mastering demo for new customers

Audio demos are good, but what can be better to convince you than something you’re absolutely familiar with? This is why we offer a low priced mastering demo to all new customers. Hear for yourself how your productions can benefit from professional audio mastering. Trust your ears!

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